Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is no Uber or Lyft in Taos. However, there is an alternative. Tripcarma is a service developed for the community which is free for drivers and riders to use. When you meet the driver, you can pay them in cash. Just go to our website and click "Custom Ride Request" to get started

  • Drivers: Tripcarma is 100% free and was developed as a community service to help riders connect with local drivers. Unlike Uber or Lyft, we don't charge a hefty 35% to 45% cut from driver's earnings. Don't you wish there were more companies like that?
  • Riders: Tripcarma is 100% free for Riders as well. Our mission is to connect people looking for rides with local drivers. Once we make that connection, we simply give you each other's contact info. After that, you can talk to the driver how much you want to pay them and how you want to pay them. Tripcarma gets out of the picture after that initial connection is made.
  • Tripcarma requires riders and drivers both to use Facebook to register with the service. If you can see who your driver or rider is on facebook, that pretty much tells you who they are. However, we do not do any other verifications at this time. This is subject to change in the future.

  • Simply go to and click Request a Ride. This will broadcast your ride request to all our drivers. When a driver accepts your request, we will email you to notify you. It is usually advisable to plan your trips in at least 2 days or more ahead of time.
  • We market ourselves in the following cities. But the platform can be used all over America. We have had successful trips coming all the way from Dallas to Taos booked right here on Tripcarma. If you are a driver and have a trip coming up, we recommend that you post your trip at least 30 days in advance to get maximum exposure to people who might be looking to join you.
    • Albuquerque
    • Santa Fe
    • Espanola
    • Chimayo
    • Jemez Pueblo
    • Jemez Springs
    • Dixon
    • Ojo Caliente
    • Taos
    • Questa
    • Ranchos de Taos
    • El Prado
    • Red River
    • Tres Piedras
    • Valdez
    • San Cristobal
    • Penasco
    • Arroyo Seco
    • Arroyo Hondo
    • Taos Ski Valley
    • Los Alamos
    • Eagle Nest
    • Angel Fire


Why we exist?

With over 250 million cars in USA, here is your chance to help the environment, make connections with people and save money too. If you are a local and have a vehicle, you can generate some cash while helping people get around in town.

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